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Google Webmaster Tools

By Simon Chollet, on 08-12-2013

It is now possible to use Google Webmaster tools with your Foliokit website. This tool provided by Google allows you to see what keywords have lead users to your site as well as many other useful information.

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Webmail and analytics update

By Simon Chollet, on 08-09-2013

Foliokit's webmail and analytics have just been updated. If you find a bug related to this update, please tell us in the boards ....

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Highlighted gallery thumbnails

By Simon Chollet, on 07-20-2012

It is now possible to define a different border color for the active thumbnail of galleries. To do this , simply go to the properties of the thumbnails component and select the color you want under "A ctive border " .

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Contact form: specify the destination mail address

By Simon Chollet, on 06-06-2012

It is now possible to change the destination email address for messages sent by your contact form . To do this , click the 'Message' component then enter the email address of your choice in the properties under "Message settings " .

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Autoplay option for audio and video components

By Simon Chollet, on 04-04-2012

A new option just appeared in the properties of the audio and video components that allows you to autostart playback when the page is loaded:...

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